Samstag, 26. Juli 2008



Donnerstag, 24. Juli 2008

this is the end of the first letter, hope you enjoyed it...

...and when I got time i will continue telling about the 'quatsch' I do, every now and then. But if I wont keep writing english, feel free to ask if something appears too strange. 


Dienstag, 22. Juli 2008

I really really, really wanna see this. It's a play from Aurélien Bory, called 'Les Sept Planches de la ruse' (Die sieben Bücher der List/The Seven Boards of Skill). He is using chinese 'Tangram' as an inspiration and tool for his dance theater. Unfortunately he is still only touring in france.

Sonntag, 20. Juli 2008


It was raining cats and dogs, but when it stopped the sky turned into this scenery.

'wir sind die roboter' theater play

first Dress Rehearsal


In our white 'roboter costumes'

remember the animation, you send to me?
here comes the next from 'blu'


There has been this great exhibition at the 'pinakothek der moderne' in munich.
Imagine all this magical structures are made out of cable straps!

C.I.L.M. (Caged Insects Liberation Movement)


May I introduce to you: This are two of my new dear fellows. The taller one allready got the name Timotheus, so if the smaller inspires you for a name. I would be glad.


You can be out - without leaving the house. ...its a luxury, such a flat roof.

leda and zeus - drawing

"Zeus mangelte es an Mut. Er verfehlte die Gestalt und kam zu spät die Königtochter zu schwängern. Dessen ahnunglos, zog sie sich zurück. Und gab sich hin, der Langeweile und ihrem Gemahl dem König."

I did this drawings as an participation for a gallery. Kind of an personal interpretation of the mythological story of "Leda and Zeus".


kahla porcelain army

The ceramic factory nextby.
Look at this cute porcelain army!



...well, I gave it a try.

the biggest typewriter of the town

For this years summary i skipped my furniture project, and did this stamping sewsaw together with maxie instead. And have a look at this clumsy giant museum slippers! Aren't they funny?
...Ah the function, one person can turn the wordwheel at the one side, while the other person is stemping the words. Actually the words (you think you have decided for) won't be stemped on the paper, as there are different words at the stemping wheel. Kind of the opposite - This simple thing created alot of surprises and fun. Still its nothing worldchanging, just a playful baby.

cardboard surveillance

There were a lot of fancy installations at this years summary. Such as this cardboard full functioning security surveillance jamesbondlike camera room. 

der garten der lueste, hieronymus bosch...........Yesterday morning (saturday) I've been a participant at an 'art in public space' performance in our park, next to the river. Gigantic strawberries, psychedelic birds and coloured fishes all around. And the sun broke hot through the clouds just when it started. Pretty surreal. ...I'll send pictures when I got them.

a wee trip with robert

finally robert and me found some time for a small trip

so crazy, there were thousands of fishes jumping out of the water,
it seemed like boiling.

Uuih, I almost forgot, pretty important though. ;)
I developed this passion for growing flashlight-tomatoes on our roof.

And he's still watching you.

huih I'll stop right here now and go to bed,
but I guess you got allready an idea what kind of 'Quatsch' i meant.
Will help to translate the word. 
Hope to hear from you.