Donnerstag, 15. April 2010

Die Beziehungskiste - ein Guerilla Stadtmöbel.

Ein Teil meiner Diplomarbeit. Jetzt auch mit Musik von Fabian Russ, danke Fabian.
Ein Möbel für die Hausgemeinschaft, versteckt in einem Verteilerkasten.
Mehr dazu demnächst auf

ENGLISH: Thanks to its urban mimicry the cable distribution box keeps a secret when closed. Just open it and you'll find a cosy bench, for you and the people in your neighbourhood. A bench as a social catalyst which offers an atmospheric meeting place.
(by nils volkmann & rugwind design)

"The result of a research project by Nils Volkmann and the german design studio RUGWIND resulted in an funny conclusion: A typical urban electrical box which keeps a secret, which no one will conquer thanks to it's urban mimicry. But when you know the secret you can open and unfold the box. The box turns to an cozy street bench, almost like a beach chair. A guerrilla bench as an offer to chat and organize your community. And nothing can be nicer for the urban neighborhood than a place to meet. Especially in cities where street furniture is taken away or doesn't exist at all. The people who pass will be entertained with amazement when they see something boring like an dirty electric box transform into a nice and comfortable wooden bench. Turn your sidewalk in a vivid living room by using this guerrilla bench!"

By the way, the german name of this guerrilla bench is 'Beziehungskiste', which means literally translated 'relation-box' and is a german synonym for a certain relationship.

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